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Shop Pocatello is a multi-vendor, on-line Market Place where Pocatello/Chubbuck merchants display their products that are available locally. Items displayed in the Market Place are in-stock at the merchants place of business in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area, and available at the prices shown here.

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For Vendors: is a local multi-vendor Market Place where local merchants can display items or products they have in their place of business for the purpose of presenting them to the local shopper. To be displayed on the Market Place the business must have a store front located in the Pocatello/Chubbuck marketing area (generally a 25 mile radius.)

The cost to place a product or item in the Market Place is 3 for $12.00, with a minimum of 3 products. This price is subject to change or negotiation. Additions must be 3 at a time, single product submission will not be accepted.

This is not an on-line store where the shopper can select and pay for a product and have it shipped to them. The Merchant retains possession and control of the product and collects payment from the shopper.

The minimum required for a listing in the Market Place is a quality picture or image with a width of 800 px, (height will be automatically set), a descriptive explanation of the product and the price you will accept for the product. When the shopper comes to your place of business he will expect to pay the price you have furnished to us and we have posted in the Market Place. If the price you have for the item in your store or web site is different from the price you have furnished us you should accept the lower price to maintain your integrity

The image or picture you furnish to us and we place in the Market Place will leave an impression on the shopper. A great image, a great impression, a poor image, a poor impression. If the image needs improvement we will do our best to do so but there may be a charge for that. Full color images make the best impression.

When writing the description keep in mind sizes, dimensions, new or previously owned, brand name, sizes if applicable, and any other information that will answer the shoppers questions about the product.

Your item will be displayed on for 30 days. If it sells before 30 days please notify us so we can remove it from the Market Place.
If corrections or revisions in the text or image are required we will do so at no charge but we reserve the right to charge depending on the time it takes us to make the correction or revision. If the correction is needed because of our action no charge will be made.

See the How It Works Page for further information