Cellfood at Ed Snell’s Pharmacy Shop


Cell Food at Ed Snell's Pharmacy Shop
$29.95 per bottle – Makes over 22 quarts
World’s No. 1 Oxygen + Nutrient Formula!


Cellfood at Ed Snell’s Pharmacy Shop is the only formula that can nourish, clean and detoxify the cells! It is made from the highest quality plant sources, and is rapidly absorbed and utilized at deepest cellular levels.


It is an extraordinary and widely-researched dietary supplement distributed in over 90 countries around the world for more than four decades.
It’s proprietary ability to nourish and detoxify at the body’s deepest cellular levels addresses the most foundational aspects of human health – resulting in its effectiveness in a wide range of health applications.

It can benefit everyone. It supports those with challenging health issues, those in good basic health, and those in superior athletic condition.

And in the area of prevention of future health problems, it has proven to be an incomparable formula.

CELLFOOD brings vital nutrients in, moves harmful toxins out

A great researcher once said that there’s only one health challenge known to mankind, though it has a thousand names. It’s the state of having too few nutrients reaching the cells and too many toxins in the body. It is the ONLY formula that addresses both those challenges at the same time. That’s what’s different – and unique – about Cellfood. It’s the only formula that gets the nutrients IN and the toxins OUT.

How does Cellfood do this?

It was designed to easily enter the body, the blood stream and the cells. Cellfood mimics the body’s extre-cellular fluids –  with similar mineral makeup and the same surface tension – so it easily passes through the cell walls, bringing nutrients IN and waste products out.

Cellfood NOURISH the body?

It is a unique, proprietary ionic formula that contains a wide array of pure trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids. And because Cellfood’s nutrients are in an ionic state – an amazing tiny 4 to 7 nanometers in size – they’re absorbed quickly and efficiently at the cellular level.

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